Center for Community Engagement and Impact

VCU and VCUHS Community-Engaged Partnership Database

Welcome to the VCU and VCU Health System (VCUHS) Community-Engaged Partnership database.

The partnership database is an online resource that places university-community relationship data in the hands of faculty, staff and students. The partnership database is a collaboration between the Offices of the Provost and the Vice President for Health Sciences.

The purpose of the partnership database is to more effectively connect, coordinate, and collaborate with our community partners, and celebrate and promote community engagement.

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How can you use the partnership database?

Faculty and staff can identify and connect with colleagues who have similar community-based interests and find potential community partners for their research, teaching and service.

Students can find community-based projects or experiential learning opportunities.

Community Partners can collaborate with VCU experts.

Administration, government relations and advancement staff can learn about various community engagement projects and stories that connect with VCU's mission and positively impact community-identified needs.
Contributing to and accessing data is easy:

Step 1: Login with your eID.
Step 2: Filter projects by interest area.
Step 3: Browse by Partner or Faculty/Staff to find projects and begin networking.
Step 4: Share with colleagues and give us feedback.

Be sure to select "Show My Partnerships" to see projects you may already be associated with.
Do you need assistance?
  1. For eID questions: Use the VCU eID Finder to check if you have a VCU eID or call IT Support (828-2227).
  2. For all other questions:
    Contact: David Timberline, Project Manager
    VCU's Center for Community Engagement and Impact